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Leaf Levels

Training is taught through a series of five leaf levels, each taking one year to complete. In your first year of training you learn the Green Leaf training level. The green leaf level is the basic block on which all other phases of training have been built. After your first year of training you will move through the Red, Orange, Gold and Master Gold leaf levels. Each leaf level builds on the one prior to it and teaches Cadets new skills. Successful completion of a leaf level authorizes a Cadet to wear the corresponding coloured pin on their uniform.

Fitness Awards

Fitness is an important part of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps. Cadets are taught the fundamentals of fitness, as well as fitness program development and implementation. During the Cadet program, fitness testing is completed on predetermined dates. This testing provides Cadets with an understanding of their personal fitness, allowing them to recognize their strengths and their weaknesses. Fitness achievement is categorized into three levels; bronze, silver and gold. These categories are based on a predetermined value given for the degree of success in a given activity. The Cadet is provided with these values at the beginning of the program, so that goals can be set and ultimately attained. The Calgary Police Service Fitness Unit monitors and administers the fitness program for the Cadet Corps. Gold Silver Bronze

Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a national program offered to all youth 14-25 years of age, regardless of ability. Participation in the Award offers a national certificate of recognition and pin for the youth, upon completion of each Award level. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was founded by Prince Philip in 1956 and introduced in Canada in 1963 as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Today it operates in over 100 countries worldwide and boasts more than 4 million young participants. Whichever name the programme operates under in other countries; the tenants remain the same – Young people challenge themselves by setting goals and working to achieve them in four areas; Service to the community, Skill, Physical Fitness and an Adventurous journey.

Other Awards


The Cross Glock Pins are awarded for achievement in the Cadet Marksmanship Competitions: 5 rounds from 10m within a _” area. The Marksmanship Award was given to the cadet who has displayed the most accuracy and consistency in marksmanship.


Presented to the cadet who has demonstrated leadership, and has shown vigilance, courage and pride amongst his/her peers. A cadet who leads through example and promotes the values and goals of the Calgary Police Cadet Coprs. This award is voted on by the Cadet peers and is rewarded with a $1,000 scholarship.


Presented to the Cadet who exemplifies the fundamentals of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps. The recipient is a cadet who takes a personal interest in his or her community and demonstrates a positive influence within it and to those