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Every organization has its chain of command, like a ladder, with the senior and junior members positioned on the upper and lower rungs. But this does not mean that junior members are less important: the Cadet Corps exists for every member, not just for those at the top of the ladder! The chain of command is simply a way of organizing people so that orders get passed down, jobs get done, and problems get passed back up to people who can help you with them. Do not “short-circuit” the chain of command when you need information or have a problem, ask your section commander first. If your section commander can’t help you, they will find someone who can. Any cadet may directly request a meeting with the Commanding Officer to discuss a matter of importance

  • Cadet Chief
  • Cadet Deputy of Chief
  • Cadet Superintendent
  • Cadet Inspector
  • Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major
  • Cadet RQMSI
  • Cadet Staff Sergeant
  • Cadet Sergeant
  • Senior Cadet
  • Cadet
  • Recruit Cadet


A cadet’s rank, indicated by a distinguishing badge, is his level of authority. You must learn to recognize the various badges of rank and how to address persons holding various ranks. The ranks held by Calgary Police Cadet Corps are white in color and located on the epaulette of the Cadet.


We operate on the MERIT SYSTEM. That means that you will advance when you deserve to do so, provided that a suitable vacancy exists. Promotion refers to a position a cadet is assigned by the awarding of a rank level or a position. In the Calgary Police Service an appointment to a rank level is referred to as a promotion. Promotion, either to a position or a rank, is recommended by your own cadet officers and NCM’s. In considering a cadet for promotion, we look for such qualities as leadership ability, personal drill and quality of dress, performance during local headquarters and  camp training, reliability, maturity and initiative, a demonstrated interest in the cadet corps consistency of performance and attendance. Cadets who do well in weekend training may expect to advance faster. In all cases cadets must show a firm commitment to the corps through regular attendance at all corps events.