Cadet Login

“Please send my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful cadets listed below who came to help out at Safety Expo. They were a great addition to our team and I really hope they enjoyed being there. They were awesome and I hope they will come back next year. Please let them know they were very valued”.


“I am just sending you this e-mail to say two things.

First thank you for the use of the cadets at the safety expo 2012.

Second I was very impressed in how the cadets acted and performed the duties they were assigned, they were not only a credit to you and your team for the professional manner in which they acted but for how they were credit to the Cadet Core and the service. I did thank them for the help they provided but I hope you can pass it on again at parade as well. As you know I have served with many people in my career and I would have no hesitation in working with any of the cadets who came to the expo to help out due to the way they performed the duties assigned.

Thank you and thank you to your instructors for a job well done.

I also hope to see some of these young men and women serving in the service in the future”.


“I cannot express how much I appreciated having this opportunity made available for me and for the other cadets. The Calgary Police Cadet Corps is a wonderful program, and it deserves all the dedication in the world”.


Please pass on my – and CEMA’s – appreciation for their efforts on May 12 – we absolutely could not have run Disaster Alley without them, and we really appreciate their willingness to volunteer a day of their time. Disaster Alley attracted almost 4000 people this year – a significant increase from last year. The cadets’ assistance was crucial to ensuring everyone remained safe while at Disaster Alley, and had a great time to boot! Thanks again – and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.”