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Dress & deportment

Dress in the Calgary Police Cadet Corps reflects uniformity within all its members; it symbolizes pride in an individual and for the Cadet Corps. It also reflects an individual’s integrity to do better for him/herself by keeping an exemplary form of dress at all times, embodying a good image of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps. Uniformity within the Calgary Police Cadet Corps holds a large amount of prestige, as well; this has become a very valuable practice when dealing with disciplinary measures. Peers hold a greater respect for their leaders and the leaders are able to have a common goal and understanding with their students. Respect is a large factor in the success of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps .

Uniformity also has a positive effect on the public, during any Cadet task in which the public views Calgary Police Cadet Corps members, they must uphold a standard expected of them by the general population. To do so, appearance is one of the most important entities in The Calgary Police Cadet Corps


Instruction in citizenship is designed to teach cadets how to improve society around them by focusing on enhancing their own ethics and decision-making skills. Revolving around the Six Pillars of Character – Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship, this instructional series will provide cadets with a stronger sense of what they believe in and how they can use that knowledge to positively impact their own communities.


The ability to communicate effectively is an art that can be used in many areas of one’s life, from employment and education to relationship building. An effective communicator takes into account their audience or listener receiving the correct message and communicates accordingly. This area of instruction is designed to increase communication skills and improve the cadet’s ability to apply communication techniques in stressful, adversarial, and difficult situations.


Because conflict is an issue everyone encounters in everyday life, it is important it be dealt with effectively and resolutely. During this class, cadets will increase their awareness of conflict and learn techniques to resolve it.


The Cadet Corps strongly believes we are encouraging the leaders of tomorrow today and, therefore, a large emphasis is placed on leadership development. This is achieved through instruction and exposure to leadership styles and techniques.


Instructors will teach Cadets the important and necessary art of public speaking by giving them the opportunity to present on a variety of topics. As well as learning to speak in front of groups, cadets will learn to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly and to listen carefully to the ideas of others. DRILL Based on military techniques, Drill is designed to move a large body of people in synchronization on single commands and to form a strong feeling of teamwork. This will be achieved in the Cadet Corps through drill instruction and the development of drill protocols and practices, as stipulated in the Cadet Drill Handbook.

PIPE BAND   ( Optional for cadets )

Instructors will teach Cadets how to play either the bagpipes or drums through both practical and instructional teaching methods. The instructors are all experts in both playing and intsructing on the use of each instrument and are either still playing in a pipe band or teaching other pipe bands. The cost for this training is free and is held on an additional night from the regular cadet training. At this time the time the training for the pipe band is held on a Wednesday evening. Cadets will be expected to play at the cadets annual review held at the end of each cadet year.