The Calgary Police Cadet Corps provides youth the unique opportunity to participate in a program geared towards developing leadership skills and camaraderie, while getting an inside look at the world of policing.

The Cadet Corps was developed and implemented in 2011 as a sustainable program that engages Calgary’s youth in a positive way. Based on Canadian military cadet programs (army, navy and air), which have successfully operated for over 100 years, the Calgary Police Cadet Corps merges tradition with modern policing.

All program activities are focused on policing, while offering opportunities to develop leadership, gain an education through experience, enhance physical fitness and set the stage for camaraderie, positive social interaction and achievement.

Members will develop skills socially, academically and physically, ultimately resulting in an individual who leads their peers not only through their actions and words, but also through their mere presence.

The program consists of five levels, generally achieved through five consecutive years involved in the Corps. As the participant progresses through these levels, there is an increase in responsibility as well as expectation. The design and structure of the curriculum encourages members to take ownership, not only of their personal development, but of the collective achievement of the Corps itself. This ownership directly influences the confidence and the leadership capabilities of the youth involved. These youth are developing the skills to be our future community leaders.

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